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(Jeff J., May 29, 2009

Hi Buck,

I was in yesterday with the Plantar Fasciitis... foot injury. It's been over 3 years like this with only minor successes, and I just wanted to tell you how much better I feel today! No one else has had this kind of success with my injury until now!

Thanks for the time you spent on healing my long term pain. I feel at least 80% better than before!

Best Regards, Hope to see you again soon!


(Daisy L., October 10, 2008

Hi Walter,

Hope all is well. This note is to say thank you very, very much. I have not felt this good in a while. With only one acupuncture session, I was able to move my arm above my shoulder - after months of constant pain. I would say I feel about 75% better. I am looking forward to feeling 100%.

Thank you. God Bless.


(Doug W., Virginia, October 6, 2008)

Dr. Campbell,

I talked with you down by the pool at the Sherry last Saturday night.

I gave away your brochure to my first officer. Would you mind sending me a few more so I could keep one and pass them out?
I especially like the insert covering supplement suggestions for crew members.

Thanks again, I enjoyed talking to you.


(Allea M., Jamaica, October 5, 2008)

Hi Walter:

I can now sleep with a fan and not wake up congested. I feel much clearer, my sinuses have improved. I used to wake up congested; when it is very hot I used to suffer from sinus headaches; also when it rains.

I really feel much better, when the air is moist I am more aware of my sinuses but it does not sap my energy nor does it immobilize me.

Thank you for all that you have done so far for improving my health!

(Andy S., Ohio, October 3, 2008)

Hello Buck,

One of the greatest things about this MIA layover, (besides the beach, the pool and the food) was knowing that I could stop by your office and have whatever malady I was dealing with taken care of. Over the course of the last few years you have helped me with back pain, elevated blood pressure and high liver AST levels.

You have shared your knowledge and assistance selflessly to help my wife and others who I know that may be suffering needlessly. With a simple phrase, “Call Buck”, I can be assured that they have taken a huge step in helping themselves or their loved ones to become well.

The runner/triathlete from Cincinnati was very grateful to you for beginning a program to help his stress fracture heal properly. He will soon sing that same refrain, “Call Buck”, to others he meets/knows, confident that they'll be back to full speed once again.

Thank you,

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