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On this website, Pilots and Flight Attendants can share health concerns and personal experiences, and are given the opportunity to participate in our confidential health surveys. You will also find health advice and recommendations on ways to combat the adverse effects which flight crews experience in their occupations.

To learn more about common health conditions and ways to treat them, we urge you to surf this site and assist in our ongoing research. Come back often to see our latest survey results.

Our latest study of flight crews between 2007 and 2009 has shown the following to be the most frequently experienced ailments:

Dry Skin 71%
Insomnia 61%
Back Pain 60%
Knees and back feel tight on exertion 50%
Dry Eyes 49%
Depression 49%
Sinusitis 48%
Difficulty staying warm 45%
Aversion to cold -- chilled easily 43%
Chronic Fatigue 41%
Waking with Dry Mouth 40%
Nasal infections 37%
Knee Pain 36%
Constipation 35%
Acid Reflux 30%
High Cholesterol 30%
Severe Headaches 29%
Night Sweats 29%
Body feels warm all the time 27%
Hip Pain 26%
Irritable Bowel 23%
Nail Fungus 22%
Yeast infections 21%

Thanks for caring enough to share.

Dr. Walter 'Buck' Campbell

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